The stated aim of this site is to find out whether in 90 days (13 weeks) a new blog can start to earn a decent income. For that reason it has to earn money.

There will be (at least) 3 streams of income attempted:

  1. Google Adsense blocks around the page. Where, I don’t know. I keep moving them as I don’t want them too “in your face“.
  2. Amazon links. I’ll review useful suitable books that readers might like and link to them.
  3. Other affiliate links. Where I know of a suitable product, e.g. hosting, I’ll review and link to the provider.

I will try to make it clear when I provide an affiliate link of any kind. I see no harm in them myself – if you want the product and I can earn a commission to support this blog, why not?

However, with all affiliate links the primary importance will be on honesty. If I don’t like a product I’ll say so. Products will not be promoted because I can earn a commission, they will be promoted because I feel they are genuinely useful and as look would have it there’s some commission available.