A Little Article Directory Experiment

I talked last week about my thoughts on article directories and how years ago I as able to produce a lot of traffic from them, so I’ve decided to research a few popular such directories and see which of them produce results. I’ve chosen 4 to start off with, 2 that were recommendations from Google searches, 1 that was a personal recommendation and one┬ámy stalwart for the last 7 or 8 years.

The Article Directory Experiment!I’m employing the tactic I also wrote about last week in which you rewrite a post a few times to be able to distribute this post to multiple sites. I am NOT talking spinning here, in which you use an automated tool. I am talking starting again with a blank page and writing the post from scratch, but with a different slant on it.

The 4 chosen article directories are as follows and have these requirements:

EzineArticles.com – my old favourite

Asking for articles of 400-700 words that are very well written. They offer traffic in return for articles as they use the re-nofollow tag in anchors.

ArticleSpy.com – a personal recommendation

I’m not convinced that this one is going to send much direct traffic. It’s a recommendation as it has helped the person build the SEO of their website, but there seems to be next to no checking of the articles, even though I’ve waited almost a week (and counting) for a recent submission to go live.


Quite tight guidelines on this new-to-me site, requiring minimum 120 characters in the summary and 600 words in the article body. However, although they are supposed to have a lot of search engine┬áranking and high traffic, they have very few articles in my areas. So this could be an opportunity to site for a long time on a good page, or it could be an opportunity to sit on an irrelevant website and gain no traffic. We’ll have to see.


The other new one and some strange requirements. No more than 55 characters in the title, but 500 words or more in the body of the article. However, the thing I don’t like here is that they review the post ‘within 5 days’ and either it goes live or is deleted. No in-between and allowing you to make corrections.

The plan

I’ve written the on the same topic 4 times, each from scratch and each aiming for a different word count. I’ll post the articles to each of the sites and then watch to see what happens. Hopefully, and this is the main aim, I’ll start to see some readers coming to this site from the new posts.

It’s harder to establish and monitor any SEO benefits that they produce, but this little experiment is about driving visitors directly to this website, not moving the site up the search engine rankings.

If any of the sites send lots of traffic then I can become a regular contributor. For those that fail, then I’m can strike them off the list, write the article again and try another site.

In time, I’ll also come back with a few review of each of the sites as to how they perform and how easy they are to use. I might even extend the experiment over time to include paid to post sites!

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