Does Article Writing Produce New Visitors?

At the end of October I started a little Article Directory experiment, in which I wrote and published an article for several article directories and then watched what happened. The main aim was to produce new blog readers, but there might also have been a few other benefits that I’ll also explore.

Article Experiment

Reviewing The Experiment

I wrote articles, each to the minimum standards for each directory, and submitted them all. The targeted article directories were:,,,,, and

However, the signup to never went through so I was not able to publish it there and wanted links to them before they would publish it, so I backed out there too.

Where Did I Receive Traffic From?

This one is very simple to answer by searching back on Google Analytics:

  • – 27 sessions, 76 page views
  • – 3 sessions, 9 page views

You may notice that the list is a lot shorter than the list of directories that I actually managed to get articles live on!

Out Of Interest, Sites Linking In According To Google Webmaster


So 2 of the directories might not have sent any traffic, but at least Google is seeing and recognising their links. However, if you look back to the original part of the experiment, I was extremely unhappy with both of these 2 sites. sent me some spam about unrelated articles and inflicted constant popups onto me (probably why there are no readers clicking through) and reviewed articles very infrequently (although I’m told it’s usually very quick) but it’s filling with a lot of spun content, which is also probably why it’s not sending real readers.

It’s Quality That Counts has always been very strict about it’s quality controls. In years past I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to get articles accepted by their editors. In the past it has sent tons of traffic to my sites and I think it’s a matter of hit and miss as to whether 1 single article will work. Previously this has certainly been the case with 1 article having loads of readers and the next hardly any., whilst easy to get it reviewed, takes a lot more effort to prepare the article now requiring at least 1 dedicated image to be included in the article. However, they are a small directory, which I first thought would mean they wouldn’t send much traffic. I was wrong!

The smallness of the directory¬†actually means it concentrates readers into a few articles. I’ve noticed on the directory a few areas in which there have not been posts recently that are relevant to my ramblings, so I will be targeting writing over the Christmas break at some of these areas.

Because of the way these directories work though, I’ll prepare the articles and release them over a few weeks. Best levels of traffic are achieved when the article is “new”. I expect this is because it also appears on the home screen for a few weeks after publication.

Coming Up

If you have found this useful then before you go off and submit your own articles do feel free to Stumble ad Tweet this article!

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and the newsletter as I will shortly be coming back to my blog commenting experiment from November. Some of the blogs sent plenty of traffic whilst others sent next to nothing (or indeed exactly nothing). I think there’s a very obvious pattern in which blogs are sending traffic through commenting so if you apply a little bit of thought you can concentrate on posting comments to just a few blogs and probably enjoy the experience much more. Commenting isn’t just about commenting to get visitors – it can be enjoyable too and that’s when it works.

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