How Often Should I Be Posting To My Blog?

How often should you be posting to your blog? The advice varies widely from one extreme to the other. Recently I looked at how often some bloggers are posting so here I put the facts before you so you can decide for yourself.

Some writers posting to their blogs 5 days per week claim that they have then seen massive traffic jumps by increasing to posting 6 days per week. Some say that they have taken this further and are posting a couple of times per day and seeing best results off that.

Then you can find very popular blogs that post maybe once per week. These blogs provide a different style of post and are sure that 1 or 2 posts per week are what readers really want.

So, what’s the thinking behind either extreme? Assuming you aren’t a news site (which by definition needs to be posting regularly) how often should you post on a site such as this one?

postingfrequencyMore Posts = More Content = More Chances of Search Engine Traffic

It stands to reason that if you post once per week then you only have 1 new post for the search engines to spider and list in the results. If you post 5 or 6 times, or even 10 times per week, you therefore have that many more posts and that many times the pages that might hit a keyword or two.

Actually, That’s Not Always True

Those posting daily will (on the whole) have lower word counts in their posts than those posting weekly. Many bloggers will work on a minimum word count of 400 words, maybe even 300 words, when posting frequently.

On the other hand those posting weekly have that much longer to work on each post. A lot of that time will be spent on research and creating graphics, but there is also a lot more scope for writing longer, more authoritative, pieces. Many weekly bloggers will typically hit 1,500 words or more per post and many can exceed double that.

It then stands to reason that if each post has 4 – 5 times the content then it also has that many times the possibility of turning up in search results.

An Empty Blog Is Uninteresting

Indeed and who can argue with this? Turn up at a new site, expecting an authority in the subject and find only 4 posts and the next one isn’t due for a week. This doesn’t inspire search engines to list the blog nor visitors to subscribe.

So there’s a lot to be said for publishing more in the early days of the blog. Whether you do this by frequent writing or by preparing the posts months before starting the blog is your choice.

Quick Posts Don’t Carry Weight

As a daily blogger it is very easy to put together a 300-400 word post, but does that post really tell your readers anything? Is it going to support you as a site that people will want to come back and read again in the future?

If you spend the time to write, rewrite and rewrite again, adding in suitable graphics when you can, you can make the posts far more interesting and more likely to be shared by readers.

More Posts = Regular Readers Coming Back More

Maybe… If you have a good readership and you post every day then yes, those readers might come back every day and that’s good for your stats.

Quality Of Posts Drives Subscribers

However, we go back to an earlier point. Are these quick and ready posts carrying the weight they need? Does a 400 word piece entice people to want to come back, to want to subscribe to your blog and read more?

Too Many Posts = Unsubscribe

How often does a reader actually want to visit your site? Daily, weekly, monthly? It is how often they are happy to visit your site that’s important, not how often you want to drag them in.

If your typical reader just wants to spend a few hours learning the latest tricks on a Sunday evening then a drip feed of your updates twice per day the rest of the week is more than likely to make them feel their inbox is full of your notifications and hit the unsubscribe button instead.

What’s Best?

I think there’s a need in the early days of a blog to get established, plant the seedlings of a blog idea and let it start to grow. But unless you are in a specialist niche that requires frequent posting work on a few really high quality posts each week.

Make sure each post has, where possible, interesting graphics. Graphics that could be shared by you and by readers on Pinterest and other sites. Make sure that the posts are interesting, give the reader something to think about and answer a question they are looking for.

You can look back into the archives of this blog to see exactly that taking place. And it was a lesson learned, rather than a plan put into action. Short, snappy posts at first to establish the blog on Google and then changing to more lengthy, in depth posts after a few weeks.

Once there was enough content so that if someone started to dig into the blog they could find more that’s when I decided that quality was more important that quantity of posts. And making sure that there’s always such a post on the home page to show what the blog is about is one of those aims.

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