A Free Book From Amazon

Here’s an offer that I thought was too good not to share when I saw it – a book about starting blogging in an hour and it’s free to download from Amazon!

How To Start A Successful Blog In One Hour (Steve Scott)How To Start A Successful Blog In One Hour (Steve Scott)

What more can I really say? It’s a free book, it’s about blogging, it gets some great reviews and if you want to read it you can quickly download it to your Kindle, iPad or whatever you prefer to read such media on!

What it contains

In short, it’s the same content as many blogs out there (yes, including this one), but because it has 49 pages it can go into the details a lot deeper. I suppose it’s where I see this blog ending up.

The first discussions are about where to host your site, what to call it, how to register a domain name and purchasing hosting.

It then gets a bit more detail and starts with how to use cPanel to set up a blog, but I prefer (and I’m a developer so experienced at doing this to code level too) one-click installs where available.

Set up your blog

Yes, the book then goes to the obvious step of setting up the theme. Again, it’s step by step detail of everything that you need to do. Following this, and this is where it gets a bit more interesting for those with a little experience, are 10 different plugins the author recommends. Some I’ve used, some I haven’t. There are also others that I would recommend that aren’t on that list that I’ll come back to another day.

There is also one on that list that I believe was involved in a serious security breach recently, so make sure you are using up to date versions of them all.

Engage with you users

The next section is what the author describes as “Engagement Tools” – again a few useful tools that might help you gain traffic.

Finally, the book ends with a few resources and links back to more of his own writings.


If you have set up a blog before then most of the book isn’t going to be relevant, probably just the plugins and engagement tools to maybe get a few ideas. But it’s free to download, so there’s really nothing to lose!

Download it here – yes, it’s an affiliate link, but it’s a free book so I get a percentage share of nothing!

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