Why SEO Is Not Going To Work For Your New Blog

Let’s face it. If you are starting a new blog then Search Engine Optimisation is never going to work for you. Never. If you try it you’re going to spend a lot of time getting frustrated and going nowhere and wrecking your blog. You are better off forgetting the search engines and just looking after your target audience. And here’s why!

problemswithseoHow can I say that? Well several years ago I had a site that was well positioned for some keywords and earned me over £2,000 / month in Google Adsense income, plus a lot in affiliate revenue. However, it was a static site. If I spent an hour per week working on that site to add a new affiliate link or two I’d done a lot of work on it. I spent longer browsing the Adsense reports than I spent developing the site.

I was lucky. I’d flucked two keywords – Compare Mortgage Rates (1st on Google) and Mortgage Rates (3rd on Google). It was a breeze. I had a good income whilst I built the rest of my business.

All Good Things Come To An End

adsensecrashThen one day I was hit by a Google penalty. I’ve no idea what, probably poor links or a manual penalty because the site was not full of relevant content, but the best I could then do was page 7. This meant no traffic and as you can see from the graph a complete crash in income.

And that’s a huge problem with SEO. It’s a risk. You put loads of effort into getting it “right” and are then at risk of being dropped.

But, how do you get it right?

Be honest. What keywords are you hoping to perform well with? You have a couple of choices.


You our could choose ‘long tail’ keywords that no-one else is optimising for. But there’s a reason that they aren’t competitive – there’s not that many people search for them.

So instead you could look at high volume keywords. The sort that everyone in your niche is hoping to be top for. Those that get thousands of daily hits. But these require loads of work to rank well now and as much work going forward to maintain the ranking.

If you do decide on some keywords then you are going to obsess. You are going to write posts about the keywords and maybe stuff them with too many repeats if the words. You aren’t writing for an audience, you are writing for a search engine’s robot.

SEO Causes You To Focus On Keywords, Not Quality


Post quality can take a dive as you target what you think search engines want to see. Reader satisfaction goes out of the window. All you are interested in is where is that post ramked.

You start to write other posts that link to your ‘optimised’ post just to include the search terms in the link. You start blog commenting and article writing not for traffic, but just for links.

You reduce the quality of your blog just to do what you think the search engines want you to do. Yet they want you writing for your readers, not optimising your site.

Then there’s the act of optimising the core code of a website for search  engines  some will try to truck the robots by stuffing titles, headers, alt tags and more with keywords. Google is watching for this.

Others trying to affect the structure of the site for artificial reasons. But search engines are looking for sites that work well on any browser, whether it be mibile or desktop, and no matter how you are accessing it. whether you are fully fit or disabled you should be able to enjoy the site

What search engines want is for us to pretend they are not there and to produce the best unique cintent we are able to produce and make it available to everyone. They want us looking after the real world, not optimising our sites.

Should by fluke you stumble upon the magic formula for the page then it’s a great feeling. But, for how long? Will it be a day, a week or a month before everything changes and you are left languishing on page 7, where there is absolutely no traffic?

I know the feeling all to well. Been there, done it and suffered. Concentrate on building long term traffic plans so that you don’t rely in a source that you have no control over.

If SEO does happen to work for you then feel proud that it’s happ by natural methods and the likely payback is longevity.

But don’t give into your doubts. SEO won’t work. Build a quality site and watch the traffic reward you.

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