Weekly Review

Week 6 Weekly Roundup

As we approach the half way point through this experiment suddenly I seem to have found a foucs, and more importantly  traffic is starting to arrive (slowly).

Finally, A Traffic Peak!

Suddenly I’ve seen a peak in traffic from a certain source and what’s more – it was planned. I prepared the work, submitted it and sat back and waited. Within a few hours I’d seen almost as many new visitors hit these pages as I’ve seen hit these pages in the last week.

And best of all – it wasn’t accidental. I worked for it, planned it and was ready for it. What’s more, there’s 2 more ready in the pipeline and one of those should have even more impact. It’s something that I don’t want to name just yet – let me get the next two pieces out one per week in the next two weeks.

Blog Commenting Worked

Two visitors have arrived from blog commenting! Hooray… I’ve submitted loads of comments to different blogs and one has paid off. Which is more than many of the articles that I submitted did. As luck would have it that very same blog has just published a new post that I found very useful. So I’ve been able to leave another comment.

New Targets.

That same blog has also given me a few ideas / targets for further possible ways of trying to drive in traffic. So at least 2 new experiments / tests over the next few weeks. I’ve also got some much higher quality posts just about ready to go live, so keep your eye out for drastic improvements on these pages and some exciting developments!

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End of Week 5 Review

Another week of the 13 weeks has ticked by and now I’m really in need of starting to get traffic arriving on the site. Here’s what I’ve been trying!


Having submitted a couple of articles to Ezine.com I’d been hopeful of some traffic. I know from previous experience that sometimes an article produces thousands of hits, but more times they produce none. So with just a couple of articles out there (and I used to write 1 or 2 per day for 3 months) and in a short space of time there’s a good chance of them not sending any visitors, which is what is happening.


My tentative experiment here hasn’t really taken off due to issues on the link building side. Still something that I can work on ASAP! I have now tied this idea into a whole series of articles. I’m going to do a set based on the topics around starting blogging, with most of the posts using basically researched keyword terms.

Article Experiment

I’ve started a little experiment in which I’m running head to head tests on several article directories. So far only one has sent any visitors and that’s the one that took slightly longer to get the piece ready, which is rewarding. I think a few more well worked articles could be going that way soon. The visitor count seems to be increasing from that source, so maybe a good find!

Other Bits

I’ve tried a few “fire and forget” pieces, such a Pinterest, blog commenting, infographics etc in which I try something out and forget about it. Then it’s down to watching the traffic stats and if one of these methods appears in the traffic stats remembering that way what happened. One of these, which to be honest I had no hope in because I didn’t think my submission fitted their quality, has produced a slow trickle of visitors.

This involved publishing a post here and opening it for discussion on their site. Since it has worked on a post I didn’t think would do much good I’ve written 2 much more detailed posts and I’m going to submit those to the site. One this week and one next week.

Blog commenting

I really have no faith in blog commenting as a traffic source, however I’m always willing to learn and so I have left a couple of comments on larger sites and am going to go back to those this week and keep an eye out for new posts and try to get in quickly.

I’m also going to follow up by going over to other commenter’s blogs and seeing what comments I can leave there. A bit of a scatter gun approach, but if I start to see traffic then I’ll know which sites and that the technique works.


I produced a very basic infographic last week. I did see a couple of visitors hitting the site following this so this week I’m going to do a much higher quality graphic.

Next week

I really have to start generating hits on this site, but the first part of the week will be the info graphic and the discussion piece and after that it will be time to review the article experiment and see what’s going on there. And in that time also some blog commenting!


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End of Week 4 Review

After a busy week on other work and as we approach a third of the way through this experiment, it really is time now to start to try stepping up the traffic building on this site. Bt what have we achieved so far?

Spam Comments should be deleted!Spam Commenters Successfully Removed

Firstly, a load of spam comments. Yes, although none made it to the pages of the site loads of spam comments started to arrive last week. So I put in place a handy plugin that gets rid of them in the background and this week they have dried up.

No matter how short on traffic / comments you are, you don’t want these sort of comments appearing on your site. It doesn’t look good to readers or search engines and just encourages more people to do the same.

Keyword Optimisation

I’ve started by trying to optimise 2 of this week’s posts for keywords that I have carefully researched. Screen prints of the research process were taken along the way and in a few weeks I can come back to these hopefully to explain the process and show the results. I did hit a slight snag on another website that was going to be part of this process, but think I’m up and running again.


I’ve also written a few times this week about article directories and article writing for traffic. I’ve got a few articles planned, which should be being submitted to 2 directories (different articles to each, read here for the theory). Both are aimed at traffic building rather than link building, but we’ll see.

I’ve also got, on another website, an experiment going whereby I’m testing reusing old articles against rewriting from scratch and using them. However, there seems to be a slight issue with that site at the moment so the trial is stuck.

I’m trying out a few things with the article directories and may have noticed something ‘interesting’. But it’s early days there yet and so I’ll need to get back on that one.

Content Writing and Google Listings

I’m still continuing to write most days. My aim is 4 days per week, I’m achieving 5 – 6 times per week though, which is great. Google is currently listing 27 pages of this site with a new one or two listing most days. That is inspiring, even if the lack of traffic isn’t.

Traffic. Or The Lack Of Visitors

I am still struggling to start to see even a trickle of visitors arriving on the site. It’s too small (27 pages I said above according to Google) for many people to stumble across random pages, so I really need to be putting in more time and effort drawing people in. Hence starting to write for high traffic article directories.

A few other tricks have to be put in place over the next 2 weeks because after that we’ll be approaching the half way point and that’s when we really need to stop building a base and start working on visitors.

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Week 3 Review

It’s still quiet here, but patience is the order of the day whilst building solid foundations. However, I think the time is right to start seeing about finding genuine visitors.

startup-photosMore of the same

This week has continued pretty much the same as the last 3 weeks. Google has continued to index more pages on most days, I’ve written on most (all?) days and I think that we’re getting there as far as foundations are concerned.

With 17 live posts and 22 pages cached on Google the site is certainly growing. However, the number of people who have so far found the site is very low. Certainly not enough to even think I might get the odd Adsense click.

Blog Design and Adsense

I’ve not really changed the overall theme for a while now, I think I’m settled on this one. However, I do keep moving the Adsense adverts around – making them less obvious. Whereas this might mean less clicks, it should mean scaring away less people. And a higher readership is well worth a few lost clicks.

Amazon Affiliates

Also a few days ago it came to me whilst reading another blog that using the Amazon affiliate scheme might be a great idea. They are one of the few affiliate schemes that are capable of delivering their product to anywhere in the world. I signed up many years ago and made 1 sale (I think).

So I looked through their blogging books and the best one I found was free to download. Not a  success again as far as income is concerned, but having downloaded and read the book myself it is very basic but a  good beginners guide. So I’ve linked to it anyway.

Getting Prepared

I’m also doing very well in preparing a few posts ready, just in case of writer’s block! Many days I’m writing two posts and publishing one, so there’s a handy stock available just waiting to be published. This is always a good technique if you have the time to spare one week.


Having updated about 40 articles on one of the most popular article directories, one that the only benefit is traffic (it’s not SEO friendly and adds rel=”nofollow” to every link) I had hoped for some traffic to trickle over from them in the few days since I changed the links. But no-one has arrived.

Very disappointing. I wasn’t expecting hordes, but 1 or 2 visitors would have been nice. I have well over 140 blogging articles on that site which point to now expired blogs, so I am intending to switch them all over to this blog, but the way things are going my time might be better spent on other activities.

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End of Week 2

The server problems are slowly being fixed

In last week’s roundup I reported that the main issue with this blog was loads of server down time. That seems to be settling down now, although I am still seeing the odd issue. My hosts are monitoring the sever to see what happens and agree that for the size of the blog the server is not responding as it should be, so hopefully we’re getting there.

Blog theme

I quickly found the current theme that I’m using and whilst not 100% convinced that it’s the one that I want to use, it does seem to do the job. There’s plenty of time to play with the exact choice and I can come back at a later point and swap it if I so wish to. For now, we’ll stick at this one.


I’ve not mentioned this in the blog and it’s something in the plan for next week to take further, but I have created a Twitter account for the blog and it’s got a few followers. Tweets need to be shared on these pages (to encourage people to follow) and some more interesting Tweets need to go out and more people have to be followed etc. That’s all planned for next week!

Google listings

Right from the start of this week, on Monday, suddenly the number of pages that Google has listed for this blog increased. It seems that every day a new page or two is added to the list.

The category pages seem to be being listed quicker and above the actual posts, but as long as they are listed I’m not going to complain! Almost time to start aiming for the search engine traffic…


And thanks to Worli the blog now also has it’s first comment from a reader! I think that’s down to a useful little plugin that I’m experimenting with. If it works well I’ll share information on it shortly.

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First Week Review

The first week of this new blog’s life comes to an end! This time 7 days ago I was registering the domain and putting into place a few basic settings. It’s been a bit of an annoying week, but we’re heading in the right direction.

The biggest issue

The biggest problem is not a usual one, thankfully. I’ve had a lot of issues with hosting problems. It looks like the site is now stable (how long for?) so hopefully the issues are finally sorted. Even after the suspect plugin was disabled I was still reporting to my hosts that the site was down. Fingers crossed, they have sorted the server issue and we’re there.

No traffic

But that’s to be expected! I’m only laying the foundations at this point of a blog that the search engines will hopefully take a long term interest in. Although the site is about getting everything done in 90 days (13 weeks) that’s just going to be the start of it. I’ll keep it going next year as a start up help blog.

Getting listed on Google

The first major hurdle to cross and we’ve done it! Very quickly the home screen of the blog was listed in Google search results, but that was it. No return visits from the search engine. This is pretty well normal. You have to wait about a week and see if the robot appears again. If / when it does it’s looking to see if the content has changed much. If it has then you are worth a visit again soon. If not, then it might come a visiting in a week, or it could be a couple of weeks. So talking to yourself is essential.

And more pages listed!


Finally tonight I’ve seen on Google that I’ve gone from 1 to 3 pages listed in the results! This is a major hurdle to have achieve. It means that Google has come back and bothered to list more content. Hopefully, the next visit will be a bit quicker and I’ll start to see loads of pages listed soon.

The ultimate “aim” here is that Google will be listing pages very quickly after they are added. Yes, that really can happen.

Thinking about design

I’ve started testing out a few different themes and, for now at least, I think I quite like Portfolio Press by Devin Price. It isn’t Adsense optimised, but that’s easy to sort. It looks nice and seems to have a home screen that can be very heavily image orientated (obviously an image that I’ve missed). However, it also has a mobile version and in today’s phone based world this is essential. I wouldn’t use a theme that was mobile friendly – either a mobile version or responsive.


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