The Importance Of Going Mobile (Infographic)

As a new blogger, or even a well established website owner, do you really appreciate how important it is for your business that you are mobile friendly? I’ve looked back over the traffic stats for the last few years to see just how vital mobile friendliness is.

Infographic - the importance of being mobile friendly.

What have I looked at?

In short, I looked back through the Google Analytics data on sites that I know have not been drastically altered over the last 5 years and pulled out the data of number of sessions for July 1st to September 30th each of these years.

Google kindly split this data up for me into desktop, mobile and tablet. The growth of the mobile & tablet columns look small, but the combined effect really eats into the desktop column.

What can we see?

So in 2011 we were seeing a handful of visitors arriving via mobile phones. This figure actually remained quite static for 2012, however that seemed to be the year that the tablet appeared and caught up, doubling the traffic from non-desktop visitors. (I don’t know, but it could be that Google recorded tablets & mobiles the same that year?)

2013 saw the traffic through tablets and phones double again and 2014 saw the last significant increase in tablet traffic, but phone traffic continued to rise steadily.

In simple terms, this data is seeing mobile phone traffic increasing by 5% per year. And this from sites that have not been changed recently and that includes not being made mobile friendly (the sites are huge, written as individual HTML page and would take years to rebuild!) If you looked at a mobile friendly website instead the percentage of mobile visitors might well be higher as they would be ranking higher in mobile searches.

What can you do?

If you can, go mobile friendly. Whether that is a mobile version of the website or a responsive website is your choice. If you are working with tools such as WordPress ensure that you are only using themes that are mobile friendly.

If you can, as you install and test your theme double check it on a phone. If you don’t have a suitable phone there are simulators on the internet that will display your website as a visitor would see it on a mobile device.

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