Installing Google Analytics To A WordPress Blog

After stumbling across what seemed to be a very easy way to set up Google Adsense in WordPress I was hoping for equal success with Analytics. However, that’s a touch more complicated.

First, Sign Up To Analytics

This really is surprisingly hard. Signing up isn’t too bad but I always think the feature to add a new “property” as it is known is well hidden. On a very old version of Analytics it was easy. Then the new version came out and Google hid the function. Doesn’t seem quite so bad these days. You go to your list of properties and somewhere in the drop down box there it is.

Provide your website name, it’s URL and generate the tracking link. Maybe Google was having bad day but this crashed a couple of times. But finally, I had hold of the UA number.

Add to Your WordPress Installation

You could, if you wanted, simply add the tracking code that Google provide to the theme’s footer. Been there and done it in the past. Also learnt that when the theme gets an update or you decide to change themes that it’s easily forgotten that you need to drop in the tracking code. The first thing you know is that you check the website stats and you’ve had no visitors all week. In a cloud of panic you realise your mistake.

It is far easier to use a plugin that stores the details, creates the tracking code and does everything for you. After trying out a few different plugins the one I went for is simply called “Google Analytics“, by Kevin Sylvestre.

Find, install and activate that plugin and then copy your UA id from when you created the Property over on the Google Analytics site. Within your WordPress settings menu, there is now a Google Analytics link. Simply click on this link and into the relevant box (Web Property ID) paste the UA id.

Job Done

Now, when you want to see if you are getting any hits you can wander over to the Google Analytics website and take a look there. Easy!

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