I Increased My Traffic Drastically Last Week And You Can Too, But Do You Want To?

Last week, after weeks of trying, my blog’s traffic finally shot up. It was an easy trick to apply and anyone can do it. But, would you want to?


As the above screen print from Google Analytics shows last Friday this blog jumped from hardly any visitors per day (especially on days when I wasn’t trying hard!) to over 200 new visitors every day. I’m studying carefully how useful this traffic is and it will keep coming for a couple of weeks from this source.

But the big question is although it is easy to do (and in this case totally free), would you want to do the same?

Put it the other way around, why would you not want to see such a huge increase in traffic with no effort?

Well although it’s great to see the increase, it’s only really beneficial if it’s useful visitors. That is visitors that come back and read again, maybe sign up for updates and possibly even comment. So for now, until I’ve fully analysed the results, I don’t want to say too much about what the trick is.

I don’t want to give false hopes nor criticise a system if it works well.

If you want to know how I’ve received over 800 new visitors from the USA in the last 4 days then you will need to follow me. I’ll publish my review and exactly how you can try the traffic too in a few days.

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Until then, if you prefer you can read right now about why I think SEO is no good for a blog and how to increase traffic simply by studying your Google Analytics. There’s tricks there that everyone can learn from to make sure their blog is working for them.

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